09 October 2006

FSSA: Myths and more tall tales

The Deaf Community is wise. The Deaf community is strong ... and it is time the Deaf community get the whole TRUTH:

Look carefully at this students! Did you all know that the FSSA met with the Board of Trustees for a total of 20, you see that right, 20 hours with professional mediators. Many positive steps were agreed upon and could have ended the protest months ago and benefitted students, faculty and staff BUT instead, at last minute, rejected their own ideas. Did I see the FSSA say that no one pay attention to them? Do you think that FSSA really cares about Gallaudet?


At 12:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FSSA - SBG link.

Today, Monday, Oct. 9, Dr. Carol Erting wrote an open letter saying that FSSA does not support the HMB takeover.

This is falsehood.

After the students' took over HMB, FSSA sent a letter to the BoT on Friday applauding them for cancelling their agenda to focus on the crisis at Gallaudet. FSSA reveled in the fact that the Board was forced in this direction by students. FSSA saw the takeover as in their direct interest.

Now they are backtracking because many, many people are upset at FSSA and SBG for blocking their work and education.

On Thursday noon at the naming ceremony, several FSSA key faculty members, including Drs. Bailes and Ammonds, were holding signs of protest in front of Washburn Building. They were a part of the highly disrespectful student protest.

There are rumors of key FSSA faculty members, like Ben Bahan, collaborating with Ryan Commerson in planning the takeover. Anyone who has verification should step forward. Inform the President's Office.

It is an unlawful act to foment occupation of a building and to interfere with GU operations. Any faculty member found to have assisted it should be dismissed.


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