08 October 2006

A peaceful protest: peaceful????

The Deaf Community is wise. The Deaf Community is strong ... but the Deaf Community is not getting the whole TRUTH:

Did you know that protesters are now throwing bottles at DPS cars ? I guess that easier than hitting people like they did in HMB. Not only that, a fire alarm was pulled, yet again, showing further disregard and unconcern for the safety of others. What's your definition of peaceful?


At 9:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

THANKS FOR THIS! I've been waiting and waiting for someone else other than the protestors to tell us what's going on. Keep them coming.

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Subject: I do not support FSSA students lock down HMB.

I do not support FSSA students lock down HMB.
I just want to take classes.
If cancel classes this week, do you back to money for the classes to neutral

Students who do not support FSSA are innocent.
Why I got bother from FSSA?
I want polices to remove them from HMB.
They are fringe group. They are not ambassador of students.

I know you try to work hard, but I want to say my feeling to you.

I will have Earth Science class's test. It will be in HMB.
Can I take this test?
Do we have classes tomorrow (Monday)?

I cannot sleep well, I upset, and I still thinking.

I sent mail to two FSSA's members but one member never reply, and one member

replied me but seem they continue lock down HMB.

I feel pain.

I should go to MHC tomorrow.

Let you know, if FSSA lock down HMB this week, ELI students will get fall
as spring break.
I am a Japanese junior student, but if I was a ELI student, I would be more
Japanese students and Chinese students think that classes cancel is same as
throw money to trash can. We are very very hurt.

I want to say "help me" to you. Can you help me?

Thank you.

Mina Sato

At 12:55 PM, Anonymous jbo said...

I think Mina says what a lot of people think and feel but are afraid to express because of intimidation tactics of FSSA and protesters. These are selfish people who cause trouble because they do not get their way. Grow up and learn to live with defeat. It happens to everyone sometimes.


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