07 October 2006

Washburn Arts Building

The Deaf Community is wise. The Deaf Community is strong ... but the Deaf Community does not have the whole TRUTH:

Isn't it interesting that protestors are justifying their cruelty and physical attacks at the renaming ceremony because the Washburn Arts building wasn't named after Debbie Sonnenstrahl WHO has said nothing about this AND probably won't because, aren't I right, she NEVER wanted to be known again by the last name Sonnenstrahl? What an insult to her wishes.


At 12:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stood with many other people who were very upset at the poor treatment accorded IKJ, his wife and family, and the BoT members. These young people have no right to sully the moment accorded adults who have actually done something. For the faculty who demonstrated out front---Bailes, Ammonds et al -- I have only contempt. THey would destroy this fine institution.


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