09 October 2006

Dangerous and Disruptive Tactics

Once again the protesters have called in a bomb threat stopping the work of the university. Taking police officers and fire personnell away from their jobs of protecting the citizens of D.C. Students cannot get their education. Do you think it is ok for everyone to suffer at the hands of the FSSA?

Oh, and there is a new "theory" being put out by the protesters that it's the administration calling in the bomb threats. I am sure we are all fooled by that one. Please.


At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you for your website's existence. we need balance of views.

At 11:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bomb threats, false fire alarms, assaults, blockades, intimidation, name calling? Protestors are menace to community. Time to put end to it. Arrest and expulsion not too good for them. Gally need to be able to do what it is here for. Educate.

At 2:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happened to Democracy? Isn't SBG an organization to represent student interests? Did they take a vote on the protests- NO- did they ask the opinion of the student body as awhole- N0. Are the really looking out for our interests when they are shutting us out of classes and risking our education? NO.

If the leaders of the protest are so brave- let them stay out of their classes or leave in protest- let them march- let them demonstrate. Let them sit in HMB but to lock it down- this is not democracy- it is a dictatorship. We the students who value our education must overthrown this SBG government like I learned in American government class. We have to throw them out and take back OUR RIGHTS to be students and have our education. We need to get together and protest the protest!

I am sick of people telling me I am wrong not to join the prtest and saying nasty things. I am stick of people knocking and pushing my doorbell all night. It is really like children. You only want your won way. Like my teacher said today. The Board listened but did not agree. Why are you tearing down our beloved university with your childish tactics?

At 6:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Subj: Open Letter to SBG President.

Dear President Beckham,

I am writing you this letter with a deep sense of disappointment over the ugly incidents that took place on Gallaudet University campus – inhumane behaviors toward the Jordan family during the naming ceremony like splitting of orange juice on the person of President Jordan in eyes of his grandson; barricade of HMB that paralyzed academic activities; alleged spray of pepper and physical assaults on students by the DPS officers (just to mention few) are all uncalled for. I hope you will take the appropriate measure to address these incidents and bring back the sanity to the office of SBG.

During Town Hall meeting organized by SBG at the beginning of Fall 2006 semester, the FSSA and SBG repeatedly assured the entire campus community that FSSA protest will (i) be void of violence and harassment, and (ii) not interrupt with norms and academic activities of the university. However the obstruction of HMB where the undergraduate, graduate and ELI students mostly take their classes is equally an impediment of our education progress, which is supposed to be the primary concern of SBG. The current events indicated that the SBG and FSSA breached the trust of the community.

It is imperative that I remind you that every individual student, whether undergraduate or graduate or ELI has entered a bilateral contract with the university where consideration for better college education must occur. Unfortunately the blockage of classrooms in HMB is interrupting with the implement of such consideration. And this is a legal issue.

With due respect to protesters, I fully understand their rights to disagree with the administration’s decision and have the freedom to express their frustrations in whichever form they chose. Yet it must be told that, their right to protest is not a license to impede with education progress of other set of students who don’t share same concern with the protesters. The protesters can skip their classes but should not interfere with desire of others to achieve their academic goals in Gallaudet University which they paid the university to provide.

If SBG/FSSA chooses, by Monday, to continue to impede our education through unlawful blockage of the classrooms, a group of concerned students are prepared to engage SBG/FSSA lawsuit and pray the court to order SBG to stop interfering with their education progress in the University. This is not a blanket threat. I hope that SBG and FSSA will reason that while the protesters have FULL right to protest; others should be accorded the right to attend their classes.

Thank you and respectfully,

David King.

At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Deaf of Deaf in full support of David King's position, representing the silent majority.

I am embarrassed about the incidents and sincerely hope you all will have access to your education this morning!


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