20 January 2007


It would appear that the MSA team is not as impressed with the protest as as the protesters are. In fact, thanks to the very fine work of the protesters - who basically had hearing white faculty as puppet masters and deaf students (of color and white) as puppets (did I see something about combating racism and audism? Cuz this looks suspiciously like propping those systems up) - The university is in real danger of losing its accreditation. Shall I count the ways in which that would be a disaster for the university?

Apparently, the university - in its new and improved transparency - has all but buried the most recent MSA report and continues to play down how SERIOUS THIS SITUATION IS. Of course, being accustomed to telling lies to the world, it becomes a small matter to tell lies to one's self.

Oooops! Looks like those FSSA folks weren't really thinking beyond their own personal vendettas and agenda. There is an old adage that says "only a fool plants an apple seed, expecting to grow a banana tree." Fools would be just about right.


Novus Ordo Universitatis

Well, the "protest" (I suppose that's the academic term for raging childish tantrum) has managed to reach its incredibly short sighted goal of ousting the president designate. We learn that by using illegitimate and scurrilous means, one can attain an illegitimate and scurrilous result. How proud we should all feel.

Of course, now there is the promise of a better future ... is that right?

Let's see .....