31 October 2006

Gallaudet Board of Trustees Breaks Faith with the University

The Gallaudet Board of Trustees has made possibly the greatest mistake in the history of the university's existence and wilfully so. They have failed miserably in their responsibility to all of the university's consitituents and have made Gallaudet one of the most unsafe places to work and live for all.

There is no reason to trust them and they have sent the message that if you don't like decisions that are, in fact, in the best interest of the university, lean hard and they will cave.

They are weak and useless.

This will go down as the worst board, capitulating to the worst tactics from some of the worst people the university has ever had the misfortune to harbor.

Our hats off to all you good people who had hoped and worked for a different day at Gallaudet. It is with a heavy heart that we say today is not that day.


At 7:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most international students, teachers, and staff believe that they are oppressed from president side.

Most of them never experience of oppression, and they just heard hearsay from American students, teachers, and staff. ELI has English student assistant in English class. The assistant is one of student leader of protesters.

I wonder any international people never talk about themself that experienced oppression.
Only one, Zoltan Szekely who was math teacher talked about oppression.

I feel that American protesters made international people join by hearsay.

The hearsay:
1. Jane will remove ELI.
2. Jane will cut English 50-80 classes.
3. Jane hate international people.

President side view:
1. Jane will naver remove ELI.
2. Mayve cut part of English 50 classes, but not all.
3. Jane love international people.

I met and little talked with Jane last spring.
I felt Jane was not bad person, and she showed one sign of my country, "THANK YOU"
It means, Jane think about international people.

A wall oppsite from ELI office has ELI news letter about Jane's.
It is not clear point and has mislead.

International student complaint:
1.Food is no good in cafeteria.
2.Dorm's bed is no good.
3. International Programs and Services (IPS) and ELI should be one, not separate.

How relate Jane's resign?
1 and 2 are just opinion and responsible of cafeteria or dorms, not Jane.
I am in Gallaudet 5 years. Cafeteria was improve and better than 5 years ago.

3. I was a ELI student in 2001. ELI and IPS were very sepalated. Also, I do not understand "3" sentence. Why complain?

At 6:20 PM, Anonymous Alumna said...

My hero/ine! Finally!

Although I know that not all board members agreed with the decision to weakly cave in to students. However, those who did are in fact "weak and useless."

It is indeed a sad time for Gallaudet and the institution will be hurting. If the accreditation organization feels that the university is being run by a bunch of 18-year-old freshmen (as the media already knows), then Gally is in a tremendous amount of trouble.

It is a sad, sad time and now the real fear begins

At 7:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


She is a very poor woman.
She just want to attack Jane and King, because she live in alone in her house, and she do not have job. She use free time, 24 hours for attack Jane and King.

At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Alumnus said...

I have a theory about one possible influence or dynamic on Gallaudet's BoT as to why they terminated Fernandes.

Compared to the BoT of other colleges and universities in the U.S., I wonder if, at least to some extent, Gallaudet's BoT might have been more likely to cave for the simple reason that the Deaf Culture in the U.S. is a group-oriented culture. Notice that Gallaudet's BoT is made up in half of deafies. Hearing people in this country are much more individually oriented, while Deaf members of DeafWorld appear to act much more group-oriented.

Part of that may be directly correlated to the fact that DeafWorld in the U.S. is a very small community. It's harder to speak for oneself against everyone else if one lives in a small town and doesn't want to be socially ostracized by the people they want to chat and otherwise hang out with. It's easier to take the social risk to speak for oneself if you're simply one hearing person among 300 million hearing Americans.

I do agree with another posting that the real issue probably wasn't Fernandes but a whole set of other issues under the surface and that the energy for resolving these issues was badly mis-channelled.

I hope someone will come out with a how-to primer in English co-accompanied by a videotape in ASL (and also including continually repeating occasional workshops in ASL) for the next time there's a protest anywhere, not only at Gally, a guidebook aimed specifically at deafies, so that deafies can learn from past protests and do a better job in agitating for change in the future.

Bummy (I can't think of his full name, he's a well-known Gallaudet alumnus) did something similar for deaf clubs around the country who didn't know how to run group meetings, so he created primers aimed at deaf people on parliamentary order.

At 3:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

International students learned;
"This is an American culture or American way."

We can lock down building with protest in America.

We can closed all campus gates with protest in America.

We can stopped business and classes with protest in America.

We can threw water to the president's family with protest in America.

We can break Jordan Center's signboard with protest in America.

We can Defamation to president side people and others who do not support the protest in America.

We can closed Highschool(MSSD) and Elementary school in Gallaudet with protest in America.

American teacher can cancelled classes 7 times for protest in America.

International students will be labeling to America,
"These are American culture or American way."

At 3:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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