17 October 2006

FSSA: Intimidation and Denigration Are Their Standard

I am writing with a fake name because I don’t want the same to happen to me that happened to Shirley Myers. I am a faculty member, too. I was at both meetings in SAC 1011 and outside under a big tree on the grassy hill near the front gate.

On the grass, I saw terrible behavior. Now I see why few talk from other side. I heard they were afraid. But I did not believe it. Now I do. Some protesters use MBI themselves. We know Shirley has different view from protesters. Shirley was willing to come and talk with everyone. Most people were respectful to Shirley. And they want to be fair with diverse opinions of our faculty reps. But some are not fair and respectful. It happened so fast, but it kept coming back into my mind. Then I began to realize how awful it was.

One person made several efforts to make Shirley look bad and small. First time was early in the discussion with Shirley. Shirley agreed faculty should focus on faculty. (I think Kitty Baldridge said that.) But Shirley also said she was worried about students getting information for arrests. She said maybe we can explain about arrests.

MJ jumped and said Shirley showed her attitude because she signed “explained” downward and slow. Shirley said she signed slowly to show her purpose to calm students. Yes, it was true students were very emotional. But I also think Shirley missed to say another part. Shirley is native ASL user. I think she used directionality, too. She was up on hill and students down at gate. She signed right in the direction of the students at the gate. That meant over or down that small hill. Anyway, somehow Shirley was still a possible rep.

Then MJ said several times Shirley cannot support our points. People turned to Shirley to check if she said that or agreed. Shirley tried to say she wanted to understand fully. I realize she wanted to be honest to us about her reaction to the four points. But MJ failed to make that accusation stick. So last MJ said we cannot accept Shirley as a rep because she is not faculty. She is admin. That succeeded. MJ got her out.

But MJ divided us. If you were not on MJ’s side, you could not be a faculty member. Who is she to decide? Shirley is on the list of voting faculty members. I am upset with MJ. She did not walk her talk of civility. MJ did divide us. I am for the protest but MJ makes me think twice. I don’t see unity in MJ. I feel bad I watched her act like a snake to Shirley and I said nothing. Now I say I am sorry to Shirley. But I am afraid to say my name or maybe MJ will do the same to me next. MJ, how do you criticize JK? I am afraid you are much worse. First you were mean to interpreters at other faculty meeting. Now you were mean to Shirley. MJ, you are not a good leader. I saw you show incivility. I saw you bully.

Anonymous faculty member.


At 2:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MJ, Ben Bahan, and others should be fired for downplaying other people who are different than them.

At 10:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MJ Bienvenu is a big bully and everyone knows it. She thinks she is brilliant, iconoclastic, and radical, but in truth, she reinforces her grandiose vanity by making other people feel bad. Shame on her.


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